Efanor Sports Centre, Matosinhos Portugal Launch video

Jury comments:

Paula Santos

Jury comments:

“Plans are perfect as well as the form and the typology of the project. The lighting components used on the basketball court and swimming pool are subtle and the quality of surfaces speak for themselves. It has an evocative glow and the building will become timeless as it ages. This building is a framework for life.”

Architect Agency
Paula Santos Arquitectura

Belmiro de Azevedo Foundation - Efanor School Trigo João

Technal Metal Builder
Metaloviana, S.A. Ricardo Rodrigues

Technal Solutions used
SOLEAL doors and windows, GEODE curtain walls, GALENE lift and slide

Nelson Garrido

The sports facility is built on the southeast corner of the field, with a sports hall, a 25m swimming pool and two ballet studios. The sports hall, with a white steel structure is covered with translucent polycarbonate panels. The swimming pool and the ballet studios were designed in concrete, with rough appearance. These are enclosed volumes, with a controlled sun light and a withdrawn ambience, protected from the outside.

The exterior spaces are including patios, sheltered playground, gardens, and the sports field. This view was spread throughout the campus, allowing a perceptible landscape design from the building interiors.

With a complex brief, the private school for 700 students is built on a 13000 square meters site.
Facing east and west, the school building is set on a longitudinal shape with three floors. The building has a variable depth, so it could be adjusted to the irregular shaped site. This width transitions are possible through a curved facade design.
Trough the triple height entrance hall, students may access all the different school spaces:

- on the ground level; the multipurpose hall and the auditorium, easily distinguishable volumes and with distinct building materials.

- on the upper floors; the classrooms with vertical solar shading blades, providing east and west direct solar light protection.

- on the last floor; the library and study areas.