Mango House Seychelles - LXR Hotels & Resorts, Seychelles

JT+Partners Architectural and Engineering Consultant

Architect Agency
JT+Partners Architectural and Engineering Consultant

Metal Builder
Innovative Glass and Aluminium LLC

Product solutions used
SOLEAL windows, sliders and doors, LUMEAL sliders and GEODE façade

JT+Partners Architectural and Engineering Consultant

LXR Mango House is a small luxury boutique hotel built on an existing property on the southwestern side of Mahé Island. The property originally belonged to Italian travel and fashion photographer Gian Paolo Barbieri, whose spacious manor house has been transformed into the hotel’s main public building.

The project consists of a shoreline development with five G+1 bungalows, underground sewage/water treatment plant and ground only ancillary block which houses generator, transformer and Staff facilities. Comprises of a main residential villa with a gym and guest rooms, separate kitchen and staff facilities, and a series of guest bungalows. Our distinguished client’s brief has generated an opulent residence of luxurious spaces and exquisite finishes. The main constraints of the plot are the accessibility and the environmental approach. The nature is very tropical offering a challenging landscape throughout the site. Greenery is dominant and covers most of the existing buildings.

An access road has been implemented from the main road that serves the site and the surrounding plots. There are four existing buildings on site with one service area: the main house, the bungalows and the additional small house on the extension plot. Apart from the above-mentioned structures the project involves sea defense protection schemes on the beach side, an access road with the plot and some landscape features.

“The project is a dream project for any architect, and at the same time, it is challenging because of its location, surrounding, and integration with nature” says Joe Tabet.

The House has an eclectic vernacular contemporary style bringing together local, colonial and international design.

From its perch on the rocks where the tropical breeze meets the private beach, the development immerses in the dramatic location and optimizes unspoiled views across the Indian Ocean.

The stunning landscape and seascape inspire a light touch. The form of the project derives naturally from the curvature of the contour on the site with the intention that the bungalows appear to be lightly placed upon the steep rocks as well as overhanging the water’s edge. The design reflects the opulence of the required brief and takes the most advantage of the surroundings.

The buildings distribution and rotation along the site beach edge offers the widest views towards the sea for each residence.

Along with the environmental authorities of the Seychelles, JT+Partners carefully looked at the site and identified which tree could be relocated, removed, or kept, without touching the main Mango tree (which is around 150 years old – one of the oldest on the island) existing in the property).

TECHNAL was approached during Schematic Design Stage to provide the required solutions and systems for the project. TECHNAL provided a minimalistic sliding system, LUMEAL, for the entire project. Noting that the project comprises of several components the advantages were that the LUMEAL frames come in large sizes, they have a diversity in the applications with a very high performance.

TECHNAL are very professional and supportive. They provided the adequate solutions for the project considering the local tropical environment while considering the approved budgets. The overall experience was very satisfactory, and the results can speak for themselves.