Three Towers Black Swans, Strasbourg, France

Architectures Anne Demians

Architect Agency
Architectures Anne Demians

Metal Builder

Product solutions used
LUMEAL sliders

Jean Pierre Porcher / Martin Argyroglo

“It has been decided to award a special mention to this project because the two dock structures are very impressive and very well detailed. Old industrial side turned into a great living space. It is basically a very well executed project."

Jury comments


The construction of the three Black Swans towers complies with the environmental commitment of the ARCHITECTURES ANNE DEMIANS agency. This project covers more than 30,000 m² and is designed to develop the former port of the Malraux peninsula in Strasbourg, with a strong heritage focus, taking the nearby landmarks such as the cathedral into account.

The Black Swans embody a new type of building, where diversity and modularity are at the heart of the reflexion. Built from a single construction grid, they three towers produce orthogonal, compact and rational shapes and guarantee the budgetary balance of the operation without compromising the quality of the project.

The 1,500 LUMEAL sliders were designed and implemented with this in mind. They are available in 2 and 4 panels, each 2.20 m high and 74 cm wide, in order to adapt to the structure of the building. They have high-performance openings (between 1.4 Uw and 1.6 Uw) and a minimalist design (concealed opening and 76 mm central percussion): housing for first-time buyers, student and senior apartments, luxury hotels, shops, restaurants and wellness areas. These sliding windows open onto balconies that project the facades forward. The views of the cathedral and the Black Forest are unobstructed, creating a dialogue between interior and exterior.

The sliding loggia system provides effective protection from Strasbourg's particular climate, which is very cold in winter and can be scorching in summer. The comfort of the occupants and the energy consumption are optimised. All the joinery incorporates a low threshold to ensure accessibility for people with limited mobility, which is essential for the senior residence and for residents with disabilities. Poetic, the Black Swans towers reinterpret the marked arch and graceful carriage of the swans, which had settled in the Austerlitz basin. The TECHNAL aluminium profiles are clad in an intense black colour and blend into the similarly coloured envelope.

Material nuances are almost non-existent. The architecture and the light create the variations. Depending on the time of day and the weather, the water in the walkways reflect in the joinery and the metal panels.

As well as these riches in life-art, the architecture houses the drama of the two-storey reception lobby, the two differently styled bars, the emerald green infinity pool, and a great kitchen.