Building for 4 friends, Barcelona, Spain Launch video

Thomas Lussi / Lola Domènech

Thomas Lussi / Lola Domènechh

Architect Agency
Thomas Lussi / Lola Domènech

Metal Builder
Grup Manser

Product solutions used
LUMEAL sliders, SOLEAL windows and GEODE façade

Adrià Goula

"It has been decided to award the prize to this project because it has achieved in a small plant for four residential properties on a single side following the client's point of view. It is interesting how the living façade interacts with the interior and the exterior with a lot of light shadow very efficient easement through the project is brilliant"

Jury comments

The building with six floors above ground, a basement floor, and a terrace with a swimming pool on the roof has been conceived from the outset in close relationship with its users. The owners, four couples of friends, organised themselves as a community of neighbours to agree on all decisions of the project, a habitat that is committed to architectural quality, passive design and sustainability and that has an A energy classification.

The homes of around 80 m2 have two terraces -a patio façade and a street façade- that guarantee cross ventilation. The living-kitchen-dining rooms are located on the rear façade in direct relation to the building's patio. The living area is extended with the terrace up to the enclosure of the wooden shutters that delimit it, creating a comfortable "porch" space of light and shadow.

The longitudinal facade that incorporates a ventilated staircase is resolved with a rectangular format ceramic lattice that allows natural and constant ventilation and lighting, in compliance with current regulations, while generating various shades of natural light in the access.

The façade enclosures have been calculated by optimising the thicknesses and dimensions of the profiles to the maximum, incorporating the latest designs and technical solutions, such as the bottom guide system of the LUMEAL XXL sliding doors, which guarantees easy movement of the large and heavy frames. The use of large sliding doors in the living room has made it possible to create a direct link between the interior space of the living/dining room and the terrace, which is delimited by the terrace, which is delimited by a system of opening shutters.