Viva La Vega House, Granada, Spain Launch video

Serrano + Baquero Arquitectoss

Architect Agency
Serrano + Baquero Arquitectos

Metal Builder
López Soto

Product solutions used
UNICITY windows, LUMEAL sliders and SOLEAL doors

Fernando Alda

It has been decided to award the prize to this project because it appears as a simple design project inspired by the agricultural context in which it is located. The way how the interior of the house has been developed is very enriching with volumes enhanced by subtle natural light. The materials are quite usual, they give a humble and serene atmosphere.

Jury comments

The house tries to extol the agricultural image that surrounds it through a simple but very carefully made construction where concrete and brick are the protagonists. The narrow geometry of the plot where it is located has given rise to an interesting relationship and exchange between the two long façades, due to their proximity. According to the different boundary conditions depending on their position, opaque walls of different heights appear, along with ceilings with different slopes, skylights, lattices and windows. The interesting shape of the sloping roofs offers unique and austere interiors where the materials and construction systems emerge through the textures on the different walls. "It was our intention that in certain points of the house there would be views that would cross it completely, allowing light, air, the sound of water, and the gaze to pass through the space contained inside the bay," explains the architect. Outside, a large sunny garden area has been built next to a pergola for relaxation.

The balance between the agricultural nature and memories of the customers and their needs was with their needs was materialized through the elements present on the site and in the surroundings agricultural infrastructures.

In addition to the casement windows UNICITY HI and the sliding LUMEAL XXL sliding windows installed in the house, this original pivot door made of SOLEAL 65 profiles.