Psychiatric Centre, Navarra, Spain

Vaillo + Irigaray Architects

Architect Agency
Vaillo + Irigaray Architects

Metal Builder

Product solutions used
GEODE façade

Rubén Pérez Bescós

“It has been decided to award the special mention to this project because of the interesting use of the existing building and the contemporary interpretation of the extension. The treatment of the windows, the roof, the opening of the ceiling in the corridors, etc. are particularly remarkable.”
Jury comments

The proposal maintains and improves the original values, based on a 19th century building connected through a series of pavilions and patios that generate a good harmony between architecture, nature and patients. Thus, the main objective was to improve the original "hygienist spirit" and "therapeutic spirit"

that favour occupational therapy and daily activities as fundamental elements of treatment for the good care of patients. A hybrid between new and old buildings has thus been created, trying to make the most of existing values, as well as complementing the structure to accommodate new trends in medical care and channel and assimilate new technologies.

The project is a reflection on memory: the passage of time and the evolution of architecture. The proposal is a way of intervention on a 19th century building…. The traces of the past are engraved on the new buildings, as a reminder of ancient geometries… It is an unfinished architecture that the time will end up composing on the place ….

The base of the building is made of the GEODE curtain wall to provide a sense of disconnection and floating on the ground.