Beira Mar, Aveiro, Portugal

Jury comments:

Paulo Martins

Jury comments:

Architect Agency
Paulo Martins Arquitectura - Design

Metal Builder

Product solutions used
LUMEAL sliders and UNICITY windews

Ivo Tavares

“It was decided to give the special mention to this project because of the difficulty of the plot, which was handled in a interesting way. The fact how the interior creates an intimate space stands out.”
Jury comments

The reformation of this unique house, located on a plot 30 metres long by 2.5 metres wide, is formally developed along a habitable "corridor" designed using restrained materials such as cement and drywall. The path from the entrance to the outer patio runs through different environments: from a dark and intimate interior to a completely white exterior

that floods the house with natural light, sometimes stark, others diffused. All the social functions have been located on the ground floor, while the upper floor has been reserved for two bedrooms and a solarium, presided over by a green facade to guarantee maximum privacy.

The LUMEAL sliding system allows to merge the inside-outside space, making the most of the glazed space

A house designed for living in the protection of privacy and the freshness of the outdoors, in harmony with the past and with a deep respect for the future