Lille-Moulins House, France Launch video

Clément Berton

Architect Agency
Clément Berton Architecte

Metal Builder

Technal Solutions used
SOLEAL windows and LUMEAL sliders

Thomas Duhamel

“It has been decided to award the Sustainability prize to this project for the use of a vacant urban site wihich utilizes existing area infrastructure. This project was also highly commended for the consideration of its window to wall ratio, window orientation and the use of locally sourced/recycled materials.”
Jury comments

Built on an urban site that was abandoned three decades ago, the project includes a home and an architecture firm. The 65 m² plot features narrow trapezoidal shape, with one of its sides limited to a width of 1.80 m. The challenge for CLEMENT BERTON ARCHITECTE was to bring in a maximum of natural light and create beautiful links between all spaces, from the ground floor to the roof terrace. This was achieved by developing half-levels with large aluminium frames.

The SOLEAL windows and LUMEAL sliders with concealed openings open the living and working areas to the city. They capture unique views from each "square":
- a large window (W. 4 x H. 2.5 m) for the architecture firm in direct contact with pedestrians on the street -- a large frame overlooking to the other street, at the level of a neighborhood café,

- an XXL frame for the living room, offering a visual breakthrough of about 100 m, a rare escape in the city center,

- a fixed window unfolds vertically on the front of the building. There is no vis-a-vis in the kitchen.

A large glass triangle, 5.5 m wide and 3 m high, gives access to an intimate south-facing terrace on the roof.

In addition to the architectural intent, this specific shape is a technical response to the sloping roof. The TECHNAL joineries extend, in a very slender way, from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling, allowing the sun rays to penetrate widely anytime of the day. They are made up of large fixed windows and small opening windows to ease ventilation.

 This material dresses the cladding with resolutely contemporary and singular fish scales. It extends the red colour of the traditional brick on the urban block. The wooden structure was built by local carpenters.