Offices DFG-Pavestone, Portugal

Óscar López Alba

Architect Agency
Óscar López Alba (OLAestudio)

Metal Builder
Aluminios Sobral

Product solutions used
SOLEAL doors and UNNO THERMIC windows

Imagen Subliminal

"It has been decided to award a special mention to this project for the choise of using stone as a raw material, as it is a company that is dedicated to it. It higlights the perfect connection between the materials, the design of the building and the company's objective".


Jury comments

The project is conceived as a simple building, without additional rhetoric, with an optimized constructive system in which, within the enclosure, the offices, and the showroom are housed. This container of glass, polycarbonate, and metal, designed to continue growing and adapting to new uses, focuses on generating a clear, white atmosphere flooded with light.

The building provides the framework and support for the granite while the interior spaces have been covered in different types of stone and finishes, the facade being the one that bears the greatest load. The direct north-south orientation is key to its design and highlights the platinum blue granite lattices that overlap the container and are extended to their maximum dimension, like the one that has been placed to the west. The block opens directly to the north, closing to the east. To the south, the great granite fabric stands out, made of equal pieces, with an openwork that allows light to filter through, whilst avoiding direct sunlight. In short, the building is a showroom in itself.

To build in an industrial estate is to build without references or interferences. The building has a flat surface, strong sunlight and an office-showroom programme.

SOLEAL access doors are ideal for areas with a continuous passage with such as a showroom with these characteristics.